Silver and Blue shiny ornaments and beads laid around Two Benz tools and two presents; one open with and adapter and one closed with a blue topper

FREE Solidfix® Upgrade Promo Terms & Conditions

  • Must be a functioning Benz tool with one of the article numbers listed:
    • 114DA12700E6A-Z
    • 114FAX12749E6AD-72-Z
    • 114DA10441E6A-Z
    • 114FAX10449E6AL-Z
  • Any Tools received that are deemed to be defective will not be upgraded without a repair charge
  • Purchase Order must be received before January 15, 2021 to qualify for the promotion
  • Only one purchase order submission per company, multiple tools can be included on one order
  • Shipping costs not included
  • Limit of FREE Tooling Upgrade: maximum of 4 tooling upgrades per company. For additional tooling upgrades, please send an inquiry.
  • Limit of FREE Adapters: 1 free adapter per Axial tool and 1 free adapter per Radial tool per company. Maximum of 2 FREE adapters per company.

All you have to do is email a purchase order to [email protected] and be among the first 100 people to respond.

Purchase Order must include:

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Bill To Address
  • Ship To Address
  • Contact Person, email, and phone number (please include best time to contact if your company has holiday shutdown days in the month of January)
  • Note " FREE Solidfix® Upgrade"
  • Tool article number(s) to be upgraded
  • Your choice of adapter(s) (listed below)

Once we receive your purchase order, we will email you a confirmation of receipt to let you know if you are among one of our first 25 customers to receive the free upgrade & standard Solidfix® adapter or one of our first 100 customers to receive the free upgrade. All upgrades will start January 2021. One of our Benz Team Members will personally call to schedule a date for you to send in your tools for the upgrade and answer any questions you may have about our Solidfix® Quick Change System.

Standard Solidfix® S4 Adapters

694.130M232 Solidfix® S4, ER16 Mini External Collet Chuck Adapter

694.130E5A20 Solidfix® S4, ER25A Internal Collet Chuck Adapter

694.130E639 Solidfix® S4, ER32 External Collet Chuck Adapter

Additional Solidfix® Accessories (available for purchase)

S4-SET-0001 Start-Up Kit, includes: S4 Assembly Block, ER32 Collet Nut Wrench, Spanner Wrench, 6mm T-Handle

B300-4-S4 Assembly Block Size S4

B136-M2 ER16 Mini Collet Wrench (External)

B136-E5AX ER25A Collet Wrench (Internal)

D01810B045050 Hook Wrench for ER25A Adapter

B136-E6 ER32 Collet Wrench (External)

D01810B058062 Hook Wrench for ER32 Adapter


Contact Us

For more information about our Solidfix® Quickchange System and/or adapters and accessories, contact your Regional Sales Manager (Click on territories to see list of states in each area)

John Roasa West Coast Territory | [email protected] | 704-804-0679

Steve Gutman Midwest Territory | [email protected] | 704-430-1858

Jeff Logsdon Central Territory | [email protected] | 704-905-5378

Bill Aivano Northeast Territory | [email protected] | 704-713-4786

Stuart Busman Southeast Territory | [email protected] | 704-763-7089