Come on guys; admit it – how many of you have looked at a live tool and thought “I bet I can repair this thing myself. There isn’t that much to it.”

While this may be true for a radial Live Tool – and even with them you have to know what you are doing, but more on that later – you definitely want to think twice about rebuilding a 90° axial Live Tool. There is a lot more than just bearings and seals in those tools, and if you make a mistake you tore up some pretty pricey guts. Besides, how are you going to test the tool after you rebuilt it? If you stick it straight back into the machine you better hope it does not seize up on you or you will be doing more damage than what you possibly saved by repairing it yourself.

This brings me back to my earlier point, which is that there is more to even a radial live tool than meets the eye. These tools have exactly spaced shims and seals and should be run in slowly. Do you really have the time to do all that while your workload is piling up?

The answer to all these questions can be compiled in a list fairly easy. So here it is:

The top 10 reasons why you should have BENZ Inc. rebuilding your Live Tools:

  1. We use they right grease and we know how much to put in it. Yes, you can over grease. Think precision spindle, guys, not ATV or boat trailer.
  2. We use the correct bearings to OEM specs. Yes, bearings do matter and when think you got a good deal maybe you should have bought a few more pairs. Because if you don’t use the high-rated bearings we do performance of your tools will suffer and you may have to rebuild your tool faster than you think.
  3. We got all the drawings and know if there has been an improvement made to the tool. For example, BENZ might have tested some new grease that performs much better than the original one. Or we improved the seals. There are many small things we constantly improve our tools on and if you have them repaired by us, we will “upgrade” your tool automatically. *
  4. We check all the parts. That’s right; we don’t just slap new bearings in and fill up the grease. We leave that to the, uh, amateurs. When you have your tool rebuild by BENZ we thoroughly inspect all the parts, wash them and replace them as needed.  All our findings are reported to you, so you can be on the lookout for operator mistakes the next time you run it.
  5. We check for backlash when we re-install the gears. Do you know how much backlash there should be for smooth running and optimum performance? We do. And we can tell if it does not sound right when you turn it.
  6. We test run each and every tool for a minimum of 30 minutes on our proprietary testing equipment, engineered and built in Germany. It’s the twin of the factory’s testing machine, so you know we do it right. And man, it really is a cool toy!
  7. Did I mention that all BENZ service techs are factory trained and certified? Yeah, they really do get to go to our factory in Germany once a year. We don’t believe in this whole second hand training thing.
  8. We offer a full ONE YEAR WARRANTY*. Yep, that’s right. You got a whole year before we get to do this again. Of course, if you want to do some heavy duty machining in 3 shifts you might want to think about servicing your Live Tools a bit more frequently.
  9. We are right here in the US. No sending your tool overseas and endless wait times to get it back. We even offer  Express  Service that puts your tool right at the front of the line with immediate turnaround*
  10. You got much more important things to do with your time than trying to figure out how to fix a Live Tool. Tell your boss to sign up for our Fixed Price Service or Regular Maintenance cost savings program and you both will be much happier campers. –  Unless you are planning on a career as a Live Tool Service Tech.

* parts must be in stock at time of upgrade to Express Service
* normal wear and tear or manufacturers defects only
* standard tool improvements only. This does not include upgrade to Quick Change Tooling System or major rebuilds for different taper or spindle connections.