Introducing the BENZ Solidfix® system – where quick  tool change meets a solid connection, at an affordable price. Now in stock at BENZ Incorporated.

BENZ has been engineering and manufacturing the most advanced tooling for decades, and after repeated demands of manufacturing companies collaborating with BENZ they have developed a Quick-Tool-Change system that is second to none in ease of handling, rigidity and concentricity. It can stand up to even the toughest of applications.

Many shop owners are looking to reduce manufacturing costs, yet by choosing an inexpensive live tool with an inexpensive quick-tool-change, just to save a few dollars up front, many shop owners are left wasting more time and money than they need to. And their new quick-tool-change head might just turn out to be a hassle, fumbling with special tools or screws, or even worse, they do not stand up to heavy milling applications.

BENZ Solidfix® is different. Compared to other tools it offers four main advantages vs. the competition: higher clamping forces, concentricity, rigidity and balance during high speed production. The ease and speed of changing tools is achieved by a self-clamping system that protects from  damage trough over-tightening or expensive tools from falling out, by using a clever bayonet-style mechanism. No special wrenches or screws are needed. By using tools with a system such as the BENZ Solidfix®, which performs excellent in these four areas, considerable cost reduction is achieved due to longer tool life and reduction of down-time due to tool changes.

Below is an example that shows how quickly an investment into a modular tooling system from BENZ can pay off.  Contact us today to help you calculate your savings and pad your bottom line! Call 704-529-5300 or email [email protected].

BENZ Inc. offers Right Angle Heads, Live Tooling, Static Tooling, Multi-spindle Heads and Speeders, as well as a full line of custom tooling solutions for your business.

We carry a full line of inventory at our Charlotte, NC facility for quick delivery. Our factory trained technicians can service and repair your head quickly, with turnaround times as quick as 48 hours Call today and let our experts help you determine your needs.

BENZ Solidfix®  – Can you afford not to invest in premium tooling any longer?