It is now possible to reduce set-up time, tool change time and personal injuries with the BENZ Solidfix quick change spindles.

The majority of live tool lathes being sold are equipped with ER collet live tools.  If you have any experience with live tools lathes you know two things, it takes time to set up and align the live tooling and you must be careful when changing the tooling in the ER collet.

The ER collet requires the use of two wrenches to loosen the ER collet and release the tool bit.  Changing the tool bit in the lathe is slow, cumbersome and potentially dangerous.


The proper way to change the tool bit is to remove the live tool from the lathe (as suggested by most lathe / turret manufactures due to damaging forces exerted against the live tool drive in the turret), place it on a work bench or in a vise where you would use two wrenches as shown in the photo to loosen the collet to release the tool bit.   The problem with this method is it is slow and you may need to realign the live tool when you place it back into the turret.   Most lathe operators will skip removing the live tool from the lathe, reach into the lathe with the two wrenches and change the tool bit.  This works well for the operator and company until an injury occurs.  Then we lose a valued employee for four to six weeks and it becomes a Workman’s Comp issue, both of which we all want to avoid.  Why do we allow this when there are better solutions available?

In 2010 BENZ introduced the BENZ Solidfix modular quick change system.   There are many benefits of the BENZ Solidfix quick change system but none more important are Speed and Safety.  BENZ Solidfix modular quick change allows for a one-handed 10 – 15 second tool change!  Yes, 10-15 seconds with preset Solidfix adapters (Speed).  One-handed operation, loosen the Solidfix adapter with a T-handle Allen wrench and remove the adapter (Safety) while the tool is mounted in the lathe where it remains in alignment.  Even with the live tool upside down the adapter will not fall out of the spindle when it is released due to the bayonet feature incorporated into the adapter.  Set-ups can be sped up by changing the adapters not the live tools.  With BENZ Solidfix the live tool can stay mounted and aligned to the turret.  By simply changing the Solidfix adapter you can change from a drill to an end mill, reamer, tap or face mill in 10-15 seconds.  This can save 1-2 hours in the typical setup (Speed) not to mention the cost of no longer needing specialty live tools.   Watch our BENZ Solidfix YouTube video for a demonstration of speed and safety.

Check us out and ask for a quote, you will be surprised how versatile, competitive and safe BENZ Solidfix is to the standard live tools you are now using.  Increased profits and a safer work environment, need we say more?