German tooling systems expert BENZ now offers high-speed spindle speeders for the metalworking industry. Engineered in Germany, BENZ tooling systems are sold and serviced in the United States and Canada from its North American headquarters in North Carolina.

High Speed Spindle Speeder“BENZ high-speed spindles provide solutions for all applications where the existing machine’s rpms and the resulting cutting speeds do not allow for efficient production,” explained John Roasa, national sales manager of the metal division at BENZ Inc. “The addition of BENZ high-performance spindle speeders increases the rpms on standard machine tool machining center spindles, boosting both output and productivity.”

Primarily designed for high-speed drilling, BENZ high-speed spindles are also suitable for precise machining and slight millworking without any specific surface hardness. They offer increased surface finish and milling capabilities and are capable of running ceramic end mills.

BENZ produces several models, some require coolant to operate and have limited duty cycles, others are self-cooling and engineered for unlimited duty cycles. The high-speed spindles come in two different variations, Type SL and Type SLI. Type SL is available with jacket cooling, which reduces operating temperature and results in consistent operating parameters. Type SLI, equipped with an internal coolant system and a jacket cooling system, increases in-use speeds by thousands, with a 1:5 ratio, and is designed for tools with a cooling channel and an internal coolant supply. Those equipped with coolant can operate at up to 40,000 rpms and coolant pressure up to 80 bar, while those without coolant can run at up to 18,000 rpms.

BENZ high-speed spindles deliver improved stability and less vibration, with optimized temperature and weight. An exchangeable torque arm holds the spindle in position and avoids twisting, which makes BENZ high-speed spindles highly flexible. Their tools can be changed automatically with a Stop Block machine tool changer, or manually by installing a block or pin to keep the torque arm from rotating.

BENZ Inc. is the technological leader for the production of innovative machining heads for the metalworking industry. The company manufactures tooling systems in Germany and offers sales and support for the United States and Canada through its subsidiary, BENZ Inc., headquartered in North Carolina