Benz Radial Live Tool Drilling inside a metal apparatus

Metal Angle Head Tool Repair

As a full service tooling company, the team at Benz Tooling specializes in metal angle head tool repair. Your metalworking team doesn’t need to replace entire tools and waste precious resources when our quality selection of machine tools and repair applications can revive and add life to your equipment in much less time, and at a significantly reduced cost. If you need service for your angle head, turn to Benz Tooling for optimal solutions that will save you money and keep your team and processes efficient. With over 300 employees and partners in over 30 countries, we can service almost any metalworking tools including cutting tools, air tools, rotary tools and more!


We Provide Expert Metal Angle Head Repair

Benz Tooling Services specializes in high quality angle head repair

What makes our metal angle head tooling repair service different

With extensive experience servicing everything from the traditional drill and drilling machines to multi tool configurations, we know a thing or two about quality products and the nuts and bolts it takes to make, repair, and replace them. With a full suite of angle heads that can be configured for virtually any setup you have, we’re effectively able to either repair your current product or switch out pieces with our quality alternatives. Our repair service is significantly faster than waiting for a new piece of equipment, and we perform all work in-house-- never contracting the work out to a third party. Our repair process is simple and effective, and is specialized for each tool set or configuration in question. Whether you need angle head repair for a milling machine, boring tools, threading tools or a reamer, Benz is more than able to handle the request in a timely and professional manner. 

When you factor in the time and cost savings of Benz metal angle head tool repair and our angle head products, there’s simply no comparison. We offer unmatched value for machining centers designed for both heavy-duty and light-duty work and in need of quality parts.

Our process for repairing or replacing your tooling

Here at Benz Tooling, quality is a big part of everything we do. In order to determine the best way to repair, service or replace your machine parts, we first inspect the parts in question thoroughly. Our service technicians have years of experience assessing tools and tool parts and can determine the solution that will fit your equipment quickly-- be it a replacement part for a lathe or cutting tool, a quick repair for a removable part on a grinder or other tool. If, after diagnosing the issue, replacement of your current tool part is the best solution, we’ll look to our extensive collection of exchangeable angle heads and angle head assemblies. We’re able to customize the fit and finish of all of our Benz Tooling angle head products to best fit your machine and your tooling needs, and, just like the rest of our tools and tooling products, our angle heads come with our satisfaction guarantee. If a repair will be easier, more cost-effective, and more practical for your tooling, our skilled technicians will make the necessary repairs quickly, and we’ll get the tooling equipment back to you as soon as we’ve tested and double checked it for quality. Of course, any equipment that is sent to us for repair or replacement will also be cleaned and checked for other potential problems before returning it as well. 

Our goal as your full service tooling repair and maintenance service is to minimize downtime and ensure your equipment and tooling performs effectively and efficiently. We guarantee that the products you entrust to our care will be given the best service in the tooling industry, and the quality of the work itself will be second to none.

For years, the team at Benz Tooling has excelled at and producing and repairing manufacturing technology for companies and corporations worldwide. You can be confident that the service your equipment receives will meet the high standards of excellence that have driven our company from day one.

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